Cloud Security

Cloud Security Challenges

Security continues to be the most commonly cited reason to avoid adoption of public cloud applications and infrastructure. While cloud computing brings a new level of efficiency, it also brings a new cyber attack vector that enterprises have to care about.


There are multiple cyber security considerations when embracing public cloud SaaS and IaaS providers. Public cloud applications require a reliance on third-party providers that inherently doesn’t provide good visibility into the security of the application. The cloud applications also increase risk to the enterprise by requiring expanded monitoring and management. Finally, securing information and data both in the cloud, and going to the cloud is a primary requirement, particularly in regulated and compliance-driven industries.


What Should a Cloud Security Solution Offer?

There are several components to a complete cloud security solution:

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Get complete transparency into what’s going on in your Cloud applications and infrastructure, including your users, your devices and more.

Google Apps Activity Monitoring
Google Apps Application Access

Governance and Compliance

Identify risks in your Cloud applications, Comply with regulations and provide consistent compliance reporting.

Simplified Monitoring

Continuously monitor your clouds across activity, configurations and transactions. Identify anomalies and patterns of fraud or breach across your Cloud applications.

Google Apps Behavior Risk Monitoring
Google Apps Security Configuration Monitoring

Secure Provisioning

Start using your Cloud applications securely from Day 0. Proactively set up your clouds with the right security configurations, and baselines that lowers the risk for your organization, and sets you up for success immediately.

Data Security

Set up policies to discover and prevent unwarranted actions on your sensitive content and data in the Cloud. These policies could allow you to audit, alert, encrypt and quarantine content that you care about.

Google Apps User Behavior Analytics
Google Apps Security Policy Monitoring

Threat Protection

Detect, Predict and Visualize whether your Clouds are under attack. With integrated threat intelligence, super-charge your threat detection with machine learning and advanced behavioral analytics.

Incident Response

Take action and conduct forensics when incidents are discovered in your Cloud applications. Actions are best when orchestrated with your consent or approval, and can eliminate manual errors in the process.

Google Apps Incident Response

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