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Palerra Consulting Services delivers the set of hands-on solutions required by many enterprises to understand, secure and gain visibility of their Cloud footprint. Despite the simplicity of the Cloud , such significant change to business processes as well as integration with existing tools and infrastructure can be a daunting task. Palerra Consulting Services was created specifically to overcome these challenges, enabling organizations to fully realize the benefit of their Cloud environment.


Palerra Consulting Services offers a wide range of services including:

  • Building business cases for cloud security initiatives
  • Capability Maturity and Cloud Security Risk Assessments
  • Configuration of your LORIC platform to secure your Cloud environment
  • Customizations to LORIC to support your portfolio of Cloud Applications including custom applications
  • Training security teams on Cloud Security and LORIC operations
  • Managing all aspects of LORIC security operations

Business Case

business-caseBW Using a combination of real-time security trends, the unique characteristics of your enterprise, and requirements of your Cloud footprint, the Palerra Consulting Services team will build a comprehensive business case that includes:

  • Business drivers and scope
  • Financial metrics tied to security
  • Cost / benefit analysis with potential costs associated with each risk

Building your business case will help you justify your budget and prioritize your Cloud Security initiatives against your organization’s other priorities.


Palerra Consulting Services’ assessments help you understand the value of your future Cloud security goals by providing a comprehensive understanding of your current state. Palerra Consulting Services offers three types of assessments to provide you a foundation that enables you to address the most critical gaps in your security posture.

  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment – Palerra Consulting Services will review your current use of cloud applications with a detailed report on security control gaps, current threats, risks and vulnerabilities delivering a prioritized list of recommendations.
  • Cloud Capability Maturity Assessment – Palerra Consulting Services provides a detailed report on your current posture in the use of Cloud Services including the business, technical and organizational maturity view.
  • Compliance Assessment – Palerra Consulting Services will review your Cloud Applications for compliance against regulatory statutes.


trainingBW Palerra Consulting Services provides education and training to your security operations center, security architects, compliance auditors, and your Cloud Application administrators on the LORIC platform. This training extends to the security capabilities of the Cloud Applications as well as special security considerations unique to each application.


Palerra Consulting Service conducts this training to bring awareness to one of the largest attack vectors, the privileged user. The awareness is designed to reduce the number of incidents information security teams will be exposed to, originating from Cloud Security risks, threats, and misconfiguration of security controls. This training fulfills CPE requirements.


Palerra Consulting Services provides a portfolio of integration services between your LORIC platform and other Cloud services and enterprise components.  The following types of integration provide a comprehensive view of your Cloud Application usage by integrating with your existing LORIC deployment.

  • Custom Application – Monitor your custom developed applications (on IaaS and PaaS such as AWS and Salesforce) in the same dashboard as your other Cloud Applications.
  • 3rd party Cloud Applications – Work with Palerra Consulting Services to develop use cases and integrate a new Cloud Application to LORIC.
  • 3rd party Services – Expand your LORIC deployment to integrate with your existing infrastructure and services such as SIEM, LDAP, IDaaS and ticketing solutions.



Palerra Consulting Services enables you to outsource the operations of your LORIC platform.  With many organizations simply lacking the necessary IT resources, Palerra Consulting Services represents a cost-effective alternative to company-wide managed services. Organizations lacking cyber security and cloud service expertise can also greatly streamline and efficiently manage their security operations with Palerra Consulting Services.


Operations components of this service include:

  • Continuous operations of your LORIC platform
  • Incident ticket creation based on LORIC alerts
  • Continuous optimization of LORIC configurations
  • Weekly report of incidents, threats, risks, and trends

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“Palerra’s LORIC platform secures our entire cloud service environment, from Box and Office 365 to AWS. To fit our specific needs, the Palerra Consulting Services team integrated LORIC into our existing operations and provided comprehensive insight into the configurations and capabilities of all the cloud services we leverage.”


Chet Sharrar

Senior Director of Security and Infrastructure

Marlette Funding