User Behavior Analytics

Intelligent Analysis of User Behaviors for Cloud Security

Traditional security measures based on protocol analysis, virus signatures and detection of brute force attacks continue to be part of enterprise security portfolio. Best suited to thwart legacy threats, these solutions alone simply cannot keep up with the sophistication of modern attacks. Their effectiveness is further limited by the adoption of anywhere any-device access of cloud services. Enterprises are turning to User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to complement their security solutions and security measures built-in to cloud services. With intelligent analysis of user behavior, UBA can detect suspicious activities, malicious activities and even identify risky user/behaviors before the user is targeted by attacks.


What is UBA?

A combination of analytics, processes and workflows make up the basis for UBA:

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User Behavior Analytics
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Dynamic User Risk Scores

Real-time user risk rating based on LORIC’s machine learning capabilities to continually assess and quantify wide range of activities including access patterns, privileged user actions and access device characteristics.

Streamlined Incident Workflow

Greatly enhance security of application provisioning and incident response by placing surveillance on risky users of denying access to high risk users.

Continual Baseline Analysis

Continual assessment of individual user behavior based on their assigned cloud service access, role and group to quickly identify anomalous/malicious behaviors that deviates from the accepted norm.

User Identity and Imports

Integrate with leading Identity-as-a Service solutions to for detailed correlation and threat detection based on user activities across all cloud services.


“Palerra’s cutting-edge User Behavior Analytics capabilities extend our vision…to provide our customers with continuous monitoring and granular risk assessments on their users that access Cloud and SaaS services.”


Chuck Fontana
VP of Corporate Business Development

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