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How to Quantify the Value of a CASB

Securing all of your cloud services will require you and your team to make a bulletproof business case for a CASB.


How to Make AWS Security as Agile and Effective as your AWS Environment

Concerned about securing your AWS cloud? Download the white paper to learn about automating security in your AWS environment.


API vs. Proxy: How to get the Best Protection from Your CASB

A CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) helps enterprises protect their cloud data. This white paper explains to two main CASB deployments: API vs. Proxy.


Can a CASB Protect You from the 2016 Treacherous 12?

Regardless of whether the IT department sanctions new cloud services, the door is wide open for the Treacherous 12. To realize the promise of the cloud, businesses need to…


Unifying Cloud Security Across Infrastructure and Applications

Many security controls cannot cope with the inherent value of cloud services such as auto-scaling infrastructure, storage of sensitive data…


The Importance of User Behavior Analytics in Cloud Security

UBA is quickly becoming a critical component of enterprise security, especially as companies migrate to the cloud…

WP - shared resp model

Making Sense of the Shared Responsibility Model

Although many enterprises adopt new cloud applications on a regular basis, few have real-world experience in securely adopting these services…

WP - Automating Security Lifecycle

Automating the Security Lifecycle for the Cloud

Enterprises are rapidly adopting the cloud for agility and improved productivity. However the cloud presents challenges in the areas of…