The Importance of User Behavior Analytics (UBA) in Cloud Security

Modern threats to cloud security are designed to target specific enterprises. However, traditional security measures are based on protocol analysis and virus signatures and only apply to legacy threats.


These solutions alone simply cannot cope with the ever-increasing savviness of users who often attempt to bypass existing security measures and company policies. Traditional security measures also do very little to detect internal threats, which is an increasing concern for many enterprises.


This white paper examines the value of UBA for cloud services and why analysis on the actions performed by particular users creates a baseline that can then be used to identify behavior that deviates from the accepted norm is a critical component of modern security solution.

Key takeaways include:

1. Why modern cloud service attack behavior often evades legacy security measures

2. How UBA can address the loss of native on-premise security benefits

3. How UBA can detect modern attacks that often disguise their true intentions in order to reach the intended target

Download this free white paper, “The Importance of User Behavior Analytics (UBA) in Cloud Security,” to learn how UBA can protect against the most advanced attacks.

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