LORIC™ Discovery

Extending the Definition of ShadowIT

Many Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) designed their shadow IT discovery capabilities based on the notion that commercially available SaaS applications make up the bulk of the unknown services being used.  While this notion may have been accurate in the past, it is no longer the case.  Palerra is extending the definition of shadow IT to reflect today’s real-world challenges enterprises face every day.  In addition to the use of unsanctioned SaaS, shadow IT challenges now include the use of unsanctioned applications on top of PaaS and IaaS as well as applications interfacing with other sanctioned services.


LORIC™ Discovery builds on Palerra’s expertise in securing sanctioned IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS to identify applications running on top of these stacks.   Not only does LORIC™ Discovery identify apps used by employees, it also identifies apps installed on mission-critical platforms and infrastructure by privileged users.   The tight underlying integration also enables LORIC™ Discovery to identify one-off custom apps that are not visible with other solutions.


As with other LORIC™ solutions, LORIC™ Discovery natively integrates with automatic incident response and control processes.  The integration enables IT staff to streamline their processes and take automated actions when shadow IT applications are detected.


End-to-end coverage of cloud services

LORIC™ Discovery provides complete security coverage of the enterprise’s cloud environment including sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS, federated PaaS applications, and custom applications deployed on IaaS.

Complete application visibility

By retrieving and analyzing activity logs from various nodes in the network (in addition to the sanctioned services already secured by LORIC™), LORIC™ Discovery provides complete visibility of all cloud services used within the enterprise perimeter as well as on both managed and unmanaged mobile devices.


Streamlined incident response

LORIC™ Discovery utilizes the full incident response capabilities of LORIC™ to automate incident response and ticketing service when unsanctioned applications are found.

Threat analytics across all cloud services

The threat analytics and user behavior analytics of LORIC™ is also available on LORIC™ Discovery for shadow IT.  Rather than analyzing and rating applications in a vacuum, LORIC™ Discovery provides a much more accurate real-time threat analytics based on its behavior and interaction with other services.

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